Educational seminars focusing on celebrating safely

SonyaSonya Karras, creator of Whole New World, presents to tens of thousands of young people, parents, teachers and organisations per year with her informative and highly amusing safe partying, drugs and alcohol seminar. 







Sonya & Sacha Have a TV Series!. Click here!


Sonya has also been interviewed on 3aw on the Ernie Sigley and Denis Walter shows, ABC radio here and in the Wimmera and on several community radio programs. Click HERE to hear a radio interview!

13 years experience presenting her award winning program

10 years in the Hospitality Industry and almost 13 years presenting her award winning program, has seen Sonya gain vast knowledge in the area of drugs, alcohol, keeping safe and celebrating of every kind!

Sonya shares her strategies to celebrate safely in a unique, no nonsense and humorous way which leaves her audiences informed, entertained and with memories that will stay with them for years to come.



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