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Sonya Karras, creator of Whole New World, presents to tens of thousands of young people, parents, teachers and organisations per year with her informative and highly amusing safe partying, drugs and alcohol seminar


Sonya covers in a sharp 45 min session the following:

  • What is Vaping?
  • Is it bad for you?
  • What’s in Vape liquid?
  • The law
  • Long term effects
  • What does Nicotine do to our body?
  • Myths and facts
  • How to stop
  • How to get help
  • Resources

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TV Series

Did you know Sonya co-created her own television show for Channel 31?
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Making an Impact Across Australia

Sonya has been making an impact across Australia since she began her speaking career a life time ago! Did you know Sonya presents to more than 200 schools, Universities and organisations here and overseas each year?

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