Partying and particularly nightclubbing can strike fear into the hearts of any parent. Drugs, alcohol and binge drinking are scary topics to talk to our children about – so how do you do it in a way that doesn’t make your kids say “whatever Mum – what would you know?”

Sonya Karras gives thousands of parents ways they can communicate with their children about a range of issues around safe partying. Sonya’s background in the hospitality industry and years working with young people has enabled her to develop a one of a kind program.

Whole New World has worked with the Police, Australian Drug Foundation, Education Department, Government, and many other organisations to ensure the information given to young people and parents is appropriate and up to the minute.

A Whole New World Parent session covers:

• The inside info on partying

• Ways they can be involved in making sure their children party safely

• Drugs

• Alcohol

• Safe parties at home

• Staying informed and up to date

• Resources for further information