About Sonya

10 Years of experience in the Hospitality Industry in some of Melbourne’s largest venues, covering all facets including bar, managing and even time as a ‘crowd controller’, allowed Sonya to collect the stories and information she presents in her “Whole New World” safe partying program.

A mix of solid strategies and funny anecdotes, Sonya keeps her audience informed, educated and laughing while they learn.

In her second year of business she was awarded the 2001 Australian Drug Foundation Award for: “Excellence in Schools Based Responses”

Travelling across Australia and Internationally, Sonya’s brand of straight talking, non-preachy presentation resonates with young people, parents and teachers.

Often told she has the ability to connect with young people in a way which allows them to immediately feel comfortable with her, Sonya’s presentations leave a lasting impression.

 Sonya has worked with many organisations including:

  • The Victorian Police
  • The Victorian Education Department
  • The Federal Education Department
  • The Centre Against Sexual Assault (part of the “Right to Party Safely project”.
  • Canteen
  • Local City Councils
  • Child Welfare Workers
  • GP’s
  • Drug and Alcohol workers
  • The Herald Sun
  • The Age
  • Fairfax Publications
  • Several Media Outlets inc The Project and The Morning Show
  • Small businesses
  • More than 200 schools across Victoria
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Youth Groups
  • Rotary
  • Girl Guides
  • Venturers
  • St John Ambulance
  • Victorian Institute of Sport



In 2010, Sonya and her business partner Sacha Kaluri ‘s connectivity with young people led them to set up the largest youth educational event in the country, called the Australian Teenage Expo. In its 5 year run, the Expo had more than 55,000 people attend the event. In partnership with many not for profits, corporates and government bodies, the aim of the Expo was to connect young people to their potential.  Sonya and Sacha funded and launched the major event brand with the belief that young people needed a platform to get connected to their own path of potential and self-respect. The event is respected as a huge success story for major corporate brands as connecting with this age group is extremely challenging. The Expo puts sponsors directly in front of a usually untouchable audience.

Thousands of young people travelled to hear them both speak at the event. The Sonya and Sacha messages connect profoundly with large audiences leaving the young audience to take away positive and life changing messages empowering each person to dream and connect with their true path. They have made a difference to an enormous amount of young people in Australia and are now continuing to build their brand and take their perspective to the community.

Sonya and Sacha have co-authored the international book “The Two Worlds of Your Teenager” Finch Publishing – click here to purchase

Created the duel podcasts “The Secret Life of Teens” (parents) and “Sex Drugs and Relationships” (Young people) via PodcastOne Australia – download here

The women were also the first Australian ambassadors for International Women’s Entrepreneurship Day at the United Nations NYC – see here

Sonya is also available for key note speaking engagements, as an MC and is available as a consultant. Please phone 03 9325 4185