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A whiteboard and small table will be required for all types of sessions. A projector and cd player will be needed for some sessions.



7 days. An invoice will be posted to your school after the session.

Session filled with anecdotes & real life experiences:
A Whole New World session with your students will leave them with information and strategies to keep themselves safe and make smart decisions whilst partying. Upon making a booking Sonya will discuss any issues you would like to focus on and tailor the session around these. 
The session is filled with anecdotes and real life experiences which students can easily identify with.

Reach Out!: www.reachout.com.au
A service that uses the Internet to help young people get through tough times.

WIRE: www.wire.org.au
Women’s Information Referral Exchange. Aims to enhance the well-being of Victorian Women by talking and listening to women and understanding their issues. 

TAC: www.tac.vic.gov.au
Information regarding driving, licenses etc

  • SAFE CITY TAXI RANKS: www.melbourne.vic.gov.au
    Information regarding safer places to catch a taxi in the CBD Victoria
  • DirectLine 1800 888 236
  • DrugInfo 1300 85 85 84

Family Drug Helpline 1300 660 068


Drug Info Clearinghouse

  • 1300 368 186 Family Drug Support line
  • 1800 551 800 Kids Helpline
  • 13 11 14 Lifeline

Family Drug Support